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NOAA No-Decompression Tables for Nitrox Dives

The NOAA Diving Program's maximum oxygen partial pressure (PO2) level is 1.4 ATA for no-decompression dives.

There are 13 tables included in this document, one for each percentage between 28 and 40%. These tables include PO2 levels for each depth and still include PO2 values up to 1.6. However all depths where PO2 levels exceed 1.4 are highlighted in yellow and are to be avoided for planning purposes. They are only included in the event a diver exceeds the planned maximum depth. Additionally, there are four tables with dive schedules highlighted in orange (37-40%). These dives exceed the maximum PO2 single exposure limit and should also be avoided.

The partial pressure of oxygen at depth is the depth limiting factor for any nitrox mixture. A key facet in nitrox dive planning is to optimize the oxygen level by displacing as much nitrogen as possible while remaining within the oxygen exposure limits (NOAA Diving Manual, 4th edition, pp. 15-4). For further review of nitrox diving, please refer to Chapter 15 of the NOAA Diving Manual, 4th edition.


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