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Update, Status, and Implementation of the NOAA Aircraft Plan

This updated National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Aircraft Plan amends NOAA’s 2019 aircraft plan entitled, “NOAA Aircraft Plan, Building and Sustaining NOAA's 21st  Century Fleet.” The goal of this updated plan is to ensure that NOAA meets airborne requirements and fulfills aspirational objectives based on requirements for the nation through the most cost-effective means possible. With this plan, NOAA will update its multiyear strategy to recapitalize and sustain the NOAA aircraft necessary to meet mission requirements as well as additional research and operational objectives. This updated plan includes options and proposals for the procurement of additional aircraft to meet expanding airborne observations, modifies aircraft business and management practices, and outlines initiatives to maximize airborne data collection capabilities. The long-term strategy to sustain NOAA’s airborne data collection capabilities includes procurement and instrumentation of new aircraft, as well as maximized utilization of current aircraft, continued development of technology, and partnerships. 

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