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Graduates of the September, 2013 NOAA Working Diver and Divemaster Classes Held in Seattle, WA

Sep 01
Graduates from the Working Diver class

Graduates from the Working Diver class include - ENS Rosemary Abbitt, NOAA Ship Rainier; ENS Karen Poremba, Cameron Carter, NOS/FOB; ENS David Wang, OMAO/CPC; ENS Felicia Drummond, OMAO/MOCP; ENS Benjamin VanDine, NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson; ENS Abigail Kernan-Schloss, NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson; ENS Laura Dwyer, NOAA Ship Oregon II; ENS Hollis Johnson, NOAA Ship Pisces; ENS Jessica Senzer, NOAA Ship Ronald H Brown; Scott Stich, Snohomish County Sheriff's Dept; Alex Helphrey, City of Everett PD, Daniel Dusevoir, Snohomish County Sheriffs Dept; Michael Hillstrom, NOAA Ship Ferdinand Hassler.


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