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New Program metrics for FY17 included three primary measures - Assets, Utilization and Exposure.

Type: Media: Document

Bay Hydro II Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP).

A view of the treatment bench inside a hyperbaric chamber.
February 28, 2018
Type: Media: Image

A view inside the new containerized hyperbaric chamber which was refurbished by the NOAA Diving Center.

NOAA Diving Center staff posing with Dr. Tim Gallaudet.
January 24, 2018
Type: Media: Image

Dr. Tim Gallaudet, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, visited the NOAA Diving Center on January 2018. From left to right: NOAA Safety Officer Joe Duran; NOAA Diving Medical Officer CAPT Joel Dulaigh, USPHS; NDC Executive Officer LCDR Faith Knighton, NOAA; Dr. Tim Gallaudet; NOAA Diving Medical Officer LCDR Gary Montgomery, USPHS; NDC Manager Dave Kowalick.

Informational postcard with text and an image of a diver inside the water with boat on the surface
February 14, 2018
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diving Program operations were featured in one of NOAA's "postcards from the field" on February 20, 2018. The postcard highlighted work performed by the Pacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. 

March 26, 2018
Type: Media: Document

The NOAA Fleet Societal Benefit Study provides important new evidence about the value of NOAA’s ships to the nation and how the cost of using these assets compares to that of contract vessels.

Topic Report
March 21, 2018
Type: Media: Video
00:00:03.770 --> 00:00:10.750
The year was 1972.
Folk, rock and soul music ruled the airwaves;
00:00:10.750 --> 00:00:14.699
platform shoes and bell-bottoms
NOAA Aircraft at the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center
March 16, 2018
Type: Media: Image

NOAA aircraft in the hangar at the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center in Lakeland, Florida.

NOAA Ships Rainier and Fairweather
March 15, 2018
Type: Media: Image

NOAA ships Rainier (left) and Fairweather (right) underway in Alaska.

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