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October 24, 2017
Type: Media: Document

This document lists the changes to the NDSSM (signed on 4/5/17) which became effective on October 24, 2017.

July 3, 2018
Type: Media: Document

NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow specifications.

Diving Safety Recall text and NOAA logo
June 27, 2018
Type: Media: Article

Hollis and Oceanic diaphragm-style regulators purchased or serviced between October 1, 2017 and May 25, 2018 have been recalled by the manufacturer.

Diver swimming over the remains of a ship
June 6, 2018
Type: Media: Article

From June 2-8, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is partnering with Diving With a Purpose to map a shipwreck at Molasses Reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS). 

A diver works near surveying equipment
June 6, 2018
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diver Matt Lawerence works near equipment used to map a shipwreck at Molasses Reef in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The tripod shown is holding the baseline. 

Diver swimming over the remains of a ship
June 6, 2018
Type: Media: Image

NOAA Diver Brenda documenting the remains of what is believed to be the Slobodna at Molasses Reef in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. 

Topside Newsletter Title Header
May 25, 2018
Type: Media: Article

In this issue: SEP Updates, NOAA Dive Log Goes Live, New UDS, Highlights from the NDCSB Annual Meeting  

The log in page of the NOAA Dive Log website
May 23, 2018
Type: Media: Image

The home page of the NOAA Dive Log. It was launched on May 11, 2018 to replace the NOAA Dive Management System.

Five divers sit inside an inflatable boat in preparation for their dive
April 1, 2018
Type: Media: Image

Ensign Brian Caldwell provides a pre-dive brief to Ensign Anna Hallingstad, Lt. Rosemary Abbitt and James Scott while Ensign Brianna Pacheco rests after her last dive.

Two divers measure and document the size of queen conches on the sea floor
April 16, 2018
Type: Media: Image

NOAA divers Dr. Ron Hill (left) and Dr. Jennifer Leo measure queen conch while diving in Buck Island Reef National Monument off St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. 

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