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November 1, 2018
Type: Media: Document

Proceedings of the NOAA Unmanned Marine Systems Symposium, hosted by the National Data Buoy Center in Stennis, MS, from October 30 - November 1, 2018.

NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette
May 14, 2019
Type: Media: Article

The Honolulu-based ship is deploying researchers to set up camps in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands for four months.

Basic Officer Training Class 132
June 11, 2019
Type: Media: Image

Left to right: Top row: ENS Alejandro Amezcua, ENS Thomas Smith, ENS Eben Smith; Top middle row: ENS Nicolas Osborn, ENS John Stephens; Bottom middle row: ENS Nicole Morgan, ENS Jaime Hendrix, ENS Gabriella McGann, ENS Andie Cuiffo, ENS Julia Waldsmith; Bottom row: CDR Keith Golden, LT Calandria DeCastro, LTJG Peter Gleichauf

NOAA Lockheed WP-3D Orion with New Livery - October 2016
May 14, 2019
Type: Media: Article

A highly-instrumented NOAA aircraft is collecting data across the Great Plains to improve our understanding of the relationships between severe thunderstorms and tornado formation.

Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck Discovered by NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
May 16, 2019
Type: Media: Article

The unexpected and exciting find was made during the ship's shakedown expedition.

Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck Discovered by NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
May 16, 2019
Type: Media: Image

A close-up view of the bow of a shipwreck discovered by NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer in the Gulf of Mexico on May 16, 2019. Marine life is prevalent on the wreck, except on the copper sheathing which still retains its antifouling ability to keep the hull free of marine organism like Teredo navalis (shipworm) that would otherwise burrow into the wood and consume the hull or barnacles that would reduce the vessel’s speed.

Table 3 Section 10 SBS&PM
May 31, 2019
Type: Media: Image

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