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Type: Media: Document
June 22, 2020
Type: Media: Document

NOAA Small Boat Program Approved Equivalent Maritime Skills Courses 

June 19, 2020
Type: Media: Document

Hull Number Request Form for NOAA Small Boats. 

Basic Officer Training Class 135
April 15, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Left to Right:

Top Row: Ensign Matthew Chonka, Ensign Luke McConville, Ensign Karl Wagner

2nd Row: Ensign Abby Letts, Ensign Tyler Houck

3rd Row: Ensign Anthony Zoller, Ensign Mark Meadows, Ensign Jesse Pierce

4th Row: Ensign Luke Petzy, Ensign Christine Sealing, Ensign Jessica Spruill

5th Row: Ensign Alice Beittel, Ensign Kelly Wooten

Bottom Row: Lt. Cmdr. Larry Thomas, Capt. Michael Levine, Lt. Chris Gallagher

NOAA Aircraft at the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center
April 16, 2020
Type: Media: Article

City of Lakeland, Florida, will lease additional office and hangar space to NOAA.

Right Whale and Calf Spotted off the Coast of Georgia
April 16, 2020
Type: Media: Article

Scientists aboard a NOAA Twin Otter spot signs of possible population growth for the endangered right whale species.

Right Whale and Calf Spotted off the Coast of Georgia
April 16, 2020
Type: Media: Image

On Feb. 3, 2020, Right Whale #2223 “Calvin” and calf were spotted off the coast of Georgia by a NOAA DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft crew. Image provided under NOAA Fisheries permit #20556-01.

NOAA King Air Crew
April 16, 2020
Type: Media: Image

NOAA King Air pilots Lt. Colleen Conley, Lt. Rick de Triquet (middle) and Physical Scientist Andrew Halbach in Ellington Field, Texas, in January 2020.

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