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May 12, 2021
Type: Media: Document

COVID-19 Operational Risk Assessment GAR for NOAA Small Boat Operators (extracted from COVID-19 Guidance and Best Management Practices)

Basic Officer Training Class 137
May 3, 2021
Type: Media: Image

Back Row (L-R)- Ensign Macy, Ensign Lucas, Ensign Healy, Ensign Mehta, Ensign Gearty
Middle Row (L-R)- Ensign Rofrits, Ensign Jahn, Ensign Geiger, Ensign Rollings, Ensign Cozart
Front Row (L-R)- Lt. Ball, Capt. Levine, Lt. Gallagher

Type: Media: Document

Job Announcement: Chief Engineer

April 21, 2021
Type: Media: Document

Use this form as guidance to complete weight testing of shipboard cranes used to hoist small boats that contain personnel. It works in conjunction with OMAO Weight Testing Guidance memo.

October 1, 2020
Type: Media: Document

Includes training updates on Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Awareness 2.0 training, the Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual Policy Test, and the NOAA Small Boat Component Course Refresher Test 

December 16, 2020
Type: Media: Document

NOAA/GLERL will deploy an AUV in phases, each allowing increased autonomy and increased observations, culminating with the development of an under-ice docking station. 


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