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Aircraft Operations

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

LTJG Nicholas Morgan launches PUMA from RV Tatoosh

Lt. j.g. Nicholas Morgan launches a Puma unmanned aircraft system from the NOAA R/V Tatoosh.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO) provides policy, oversight, and guidance for all of NOAA’s aviation operations, manned and unmanned. NOAA Administrative Order 215-104A prescribes the policy and responsibilities for management and utilization of manned and unmanned aircraft in support of NOAA programs. NOAA’s Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) UAS Section is staffed by a team of pilots and technicians who specialize in operational UAS implementation. The UAS section of AOC provides operational and administrative support to UAS users across NOAA line offices. AOC’s UAS section administers operator training events, aircraft registration, small UAS (sUAS) procurement, sUAS maintenance, FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) approvals and submissions, operational risk management documentation and safety procedures, NOAA flight authorizations, and NOAA sUAS customer inquiries. This support is provided to the various line offices within NOAA and its partners to further develop and refine the use of sUAS for NOAA’s research and data collection.

UAS Flight Approval

NOAA researchers or field offices wanting to utilize a sUAS should contact NOAA AOC at All UAS procurements should also be vetted through AOC. Once a sUAS has been selected or procured, the AOC UAS section will help with the approvals necessary to bring the mission from concept to operations.


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