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Diving Program

The NOAA Diving Program (NDP) establishes policies and prepares personnel to safely support underwater missions.


Diving Program

The NOAA Diving Program (NDP) provides the guidelines and training for all NOAA divers, including employees, volunteers and contractors diving in support of NOAA’s mission.

Mission Statement: “To train, certify, and equip scientists, engineers, and technicians while promoting innovation of effective diving technologies and to safely perform underwater operations.”

Vision Statement: “To lead the nation in the advancement of diving safety, education, training, innovation, and execution of underwater operations in support of science, service and stewardship.”

Learn more about the NOAA Diving Program

PMNM divers during rebreather training, 2013
Shelly Scamahorn/Innerspace

NOAA Divers from the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM) training to use the Megalodon Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) in 2013.


What is the NOAA Diving Center?

The Diving Tower at the NOAA Diving Center in Seattle, Washington.

The Diving Tower at the NOAA Diving Center in Seattle, Washington. The tower is 30 feet deep and is used for training.

Training for Government Employees

Students enter the water at the NOAA Diving Center basin using a giant stride entry

Students perform a giant stride from the NOAA Diving Center (NDC) pier as NDC instructor Katie Mahaffey watches. Behind them is the NOAA Ship Fairweather


Diving Regulations

NOAA Diving Units

NOAA Divers during a Safety Stop near Swains Island, American Samoa

NOAA Divers from the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center on a safety stop near Swains Island in American Samoa during a Rapid Assessment and Monitoring Program mission.



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