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Diving Program

First Aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen Administration

Objective: Prepare students to respond appropriately and swiftly to injuries, and breathing and cardiac emergencies.

Cmdr. Joel Dulaigh teaching a Basic Life Support class as students practice using AEDs

NOAA Diving Medical Officer (DMO) Cmdr. Joel Dulaigh (center) teaching a basic life support class at the NOAA Diving Center while students practice using AEDs. Next to him, standing, is fellow DMO Lt. Gary Montgomery.

These courses will guide students through hands-on practice of life saving skills. Each one can be taught as a separate module or as a one-day course.

There are no prerequisites to take these courses. To express interest to take any of these classes, please notify the Diving Medical Officer at

First Aid


American Heart Association: Heart Saver


Approximately 3 hours


Certification and Duration

  • Heart Saver: approximately 3 hours
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Providers: approximately 4 hours

Oxygen Delivery


Divers Alert Network (DAN)


Approximately 3 hours


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