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Total Worker Health

OMAO’s Total Worker Health (TWH) program and designation as a Centers for Disease Control/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health TWH affiliate is an reflection of our commitment to collaboration, organizational self-analysis, and implementation of the resulting identified changes needed to operational policies, practices, and processes aimed at enhancing worker well-being, readiness, and resiliency. By focusing on organizational, social, and environmental factors that influence our employees’ health and productivity, we are better able to understand and implement controls and strategies that more broadly ensure a healthy and reliable workforce. Simply, the TWH program represents OMAO’s deliberate intent to take into consideration every aspect of an employee’s wellbeing and apply that knowledge consistently to strategic and tactical decision making. The primary objectives of the OMAO TWH program are to:

  1. Identify, educate, and protect employees from physical, mental, and operational hazards.
  2. Incorporate a holistic leadership approach to organizational decision-making and culture-building that promotes worker well-being to achieve resilient high functioning performance in a physically and socially healthy work environment.
  3. Create synergy throughout all OMAO employee support programs aimed at promoting the healthiest, best trained, and most resilient workforce possible.
  4. Explore, educate, and implement consistent mechanisms to help employees become their happiest, most energized, and productive selves.

OMAO is redefining what a wellness program is and what TWH can be in an organization. Health promotion programs, often called wellness programs, are interventions aimed at improving overall health and well-being. They often address modifiable behavior risk factors such as smoking, physical activity, and diet. OMAO has broadened that concept by taking a transformative approach in the way we view a healthy a resilient workforce and what variables tie into the health and resiliency of employees. By taking an informed and broader view of employee health and safety, OMAO is better able to build and integrate a comprehensive employee support structure and culture that ensures our employees ability to attain mission success.

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