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An employee in a seagoing position must complete a physical exam every two years to enable Marine Medicine Branch (MMB) to determine if the employee is medically cleared to sail aboard a NOAA ship. Employees will receive an automated email notification from OMAO's Medical Readiness Tracking Tool (MRTT) approximately 60 days before the physical exam is due. Employees should contact the MMB at their respective center (Marine Health Services Pacific or Marine Health Services Atlantic) at 541-867-8820 or 757-441-6320 respectively or emailed to or respectively as soon as possible following MRTT notification to coordinate a physical exam date and location. OMAO employment physical exams are documented on Form CG-719K, Application for Medical Certificate. All sections of the Form CG-719K must be completed and all documentation needed to clarify medical information reported on the Form CG-719K must be provided to the MMB before a fitness for sea duty determination can be made. Some employees are required to obtain audiograms and spirometry to comply with OSHA requirements. The MMB will let you know if an audiogram or spirometry is required while coordinating the physical exam. After the physical exam is complete you can use the completed Form CG-719K to apply for a new medical certificate from the National Maritime Center. If you choose to obtain a new medical certificate in conjunction with the OMAO physical exam you should send a copy of the new medicate certificate to the MMB so that the expiration date of the OMAO physical exam recorded in the MRTT can be extended to match the STCW expiration date on the medical certificate.

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