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Immunizations for Foreign Travel

Ships should notify the Marine Medicine Branch (MMB) as soon as possible when planning to visit a foreign port so that the MMB can provide the recommended immunizations for travel to the foreign port. MMB recommendations are based upon the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) recommendations for U.S. citizens traveling to the foreign port and the customs clearance requirements for travelers entering the foreign country. Crew members that decline immunizations required to clear customs when entering the foreign country might be required to remain aboard the ship. The MMB will arrange for the travel immunizations requested by the crew to be given at no cost to crew members. The ship and augmentation pool manager should notify the MMB as soon as possible when an augmenter requires travel to a foreign country so that the MMB can assist the augmenter to obtain required travel immunizations at the nearest travel medicine clinic.   

NOAA Immunization Questionnaire

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