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Medical Personnel Requirements

All OMAO ships must have two medically trained personnel assigned as permanent crew. One medically trained crew member must be aboard for all cruises. Two medically trained personnel aboard when sailing is preferred. Most ships fulfill the medical personnel requirement by having at least two crew members with U.S. Coast Guard certification as a Medical Person In Charge. Some cruises require a licensed healthcare provider from the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) to be aboard. The criteria for having USPHS medical officer aboard are defined in OMAO Policy 1001-02, Medical Persons Required Aboard NOAA Ships. A USPHS medical officer must be part of the ship's permanent crew when 50% of its cruises require a USPHS officer. Ships should review the Fleet Allocation Plan and inform the Marine Operations Center (MOC) Chief of Operations and Marine Medicine Branch (MMB) immediately when a cruise requires a USPHS medical officer.  Ships should also notify the MOC Chief of Operations and MMB when mission changes during the sailing season will impact the requirement for a USPHS medical officer. 

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