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Type: Media: Document

Job Announcement: Chief Engineer

Survey technician services buoy
February 2, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Survey Technician Sophia Tigges aboard NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown removing gooseneck barnacles that have made their home on the bottom of a buoy.

Survey technician cleans oceanographic sensors
February 2, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Survey Technician Sophia Tigges is seen here removing barnacles from oceanographic sensors that were attached to a moored buoy.

Survey technician cleans oceanographic sensors
March 31, 2021
Type: Media: Article

In her own words, Sophia Tigges shares her journey from a young, budding science enthusiast to becoming a survey technician for The Nation’s leading federal scientific agency.

NOAA Corps officers act as lookouts during Inside Passage transit
October 14, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Capt. Marc Moser and Lt. Cmdr. Carl Rhodes act as lookouts during NOAA Ship Fairweather's northbound Inside Passage transit.

Crewmembers of NOAA Ship Fairweather conduct CTD cast
October 7, 2020
Type: Media: Image

Hydrographic Survey Technician, Joe Allman, and Ensign Iris Ekmanis conduct a Conductivity, Temperature and Depth cast from aboard NOAA Ship Fairweather prior to surveying near Johns Hopkins Glacier.

An autonomous surface vehicle is launched in the Port of Gulfport, Miss.
February 4, 2021
Type: Media: Article

NOAA and the University of Southern Mississippi are teaming up on ways to improve how uncrewed systems are used to collect important ocean observation data.

ROV Recovery Aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
January 29, 2021
Type: Media: Article

When completed, Discoverer will shed new light on unexplored areas of the ocean.

NOAA ship Ronald H. Brown at sea
December 31, 2020
Type: Media: Article

New ships will play a vital role in collecting high-quality data and leading scientific discoveries.

January 15, 2021
Type: Media: Document

Job Announcement - Able Seaman (OMAO-SHIPS-AB-2021-EX-001)


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