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Marine Operations


Thomas Jefferson Specifications (OMAO , pdf, 248.21 KB)

Design Specifications
Designer Halter Marine
Builder Halter Marine, Inc., Moss Point, MS
Launched February 14, 1991 
Delivered to Navy January 10, 1992 
Transferred to NOAA March 3, 2003
Commissioned July 8, 2003 
Length 208 ft.
Breadth 45 ft.
Draft 15 ft.
Depth to Main Deck 23.7 ft.
Hull Description Welded Steel
Displacement 2000 tons
Speed & Endurance
Emergency Speed 12 knots
Cruising Speed 11 knots
Range 19,200 nm
Endurance 45 days
Endurance Constraint Food
Maximum Complement
Commissioned Officers/Mates 8
Engineers, Licensed 4
Engineer, Unlicensed 3
Deck 9
Survey 6
Stewards 3
Electronic Technicians 1
USPHS Medical Officer N/A
Total Crew 34
Scientists 4
Single Staterooms 8
Double Staterooms 15
Four-person Staterooms  
Total Berths 38
Food Service Seating Capacity
Mess Room 22
Ship's Navigational Equipment
Radars (X and S Band) Sperry Marine VisionMaster ft. Radar consoles are located on each side of the bridge. Each console is capable of displaying either X-band or S-Band radar. In addition, both consoles can display Xband or S-Band simultaneously
GPS and DGPS Furuno GPS Navigatior GP-150 with DGPS Beacon receiver, located on bridge 
Gyro Compass Two Teledyne TSS Meridian Standard gyrocompasses are mounted on the deck of the chartroom and are located immediately to the right of the entrance.
Deepwater and Shallow Navigational Echosounders Furuno Navigational Echo Sounder FE- 700, Port side bridge console.
ECDIS Sperry Marine VisionMaster
Voyage Planning and Navigation Rose Point Coastal Explorer
Laboratory Spaces and Other Scientific Spaces
Hydro Lab  Main Deck 700 Primarily to collect and process electronic data 
Scientific Data Collection Systems and Supportable Operations
Conductivity, Temp., Depth (CTD) With Water Samples The Thomas Jefferson S-222, HSL 3101, and HSL 3102 all use Sea-Bird Electronics SeaCat SBE19+ Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth (CTD) Profilers to collect vertical sound speed profiles. 
Multibeam Equipped for Hydrographic Surveys 
  • SIMRAD EM1002 digital recording Multibeam echosounder. (25-1000 m) 
  • The RESON SeaBat 7125-ROV system is a singlefrequency, digital recording Multibeam echosounder. It is hull mounted in starboard transducer pod (4 – 100 m) 
  • The RESON SeaBat 7125-SV2 system is a dualfrequency, digital recording Multibeam echosounder. It is hull mounted in Port transducer pod. (4 – 100 m) 
Single Side Scan Equipped

The Klein High Speed, High Resolution Side Scan (SSS) Sonar system is a beam-forming acoustic imagery device. The integrated system includes a KLEIN 5500 towfish, a Transceiver/Processing Unit (TPU), and a computer for user interface. Sterntowed units also include a tow cable telemetry assembly. 

Conductivity, Temp., Depth (CTD) Without Water Samples SBE-19 (2), pressure housing rated to 600m and 1000m
Moving Vessel Profiler Brooke Ocean Technology Moving Vessel Profiler 100 The Thomas Jefferson S-222 uses a Brooke Ocean Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) to collect vertical sound speed profiles. 
Single Beam Echosounder The Odom Echotrac CV-200 is a dual frequency digital recording echosounder (24 kHz /200 kHz). Identical systems are hull mounted on HSLs 3101 and 3102. 
Positioning and Attitude Equipment The Applanix POS M/V is a GPS-aided inertial positioning system that provides position and orientation data to external equipment. 
Differential GPS The Trimble SPS351 receiver uses RTCM DGPS corrections either broadcast free by IALA Beacon stations, from SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) or via an external radio or Internet connection from a DGPS reference station. 
Bottom Sampling Equipment The Ponar Wildco is a winch-deployed bottom sampler used aboard S222. The Kahlsico Mud Snapper is a hand held bottom sampler that is used aboard HSL 3101 and 3102. 
Data Collected by the Ship's Scientific Computer System (SCS) in the Standard Configuration
DescriptionUnitsData Source
ZDA - Time and Date (UTC. d. m, yr, TZ)  Time GPS, Furuno 
GLL - Geographic Position (Lat/Lon)  Deg.  GPS, Furuno 
VTG Version 1 (TC, MC, SOG, STW, etc)  Deg. KTS  GPS, Furuno 
HDT - Heading (True) Deg.  Gyro, Teledyne 
VWR - Relative wind speed and angle  KTS Deg.  Wind Bird, RM Young 
DPT - Depth of Water with transducer offset  KTS Deg.  Calculated via SCS using Wind Bird, GPS, Gyro 
MTW - Mean Temp. for Water  ft.  Depth Finder, Furuno 
IDTypeHPLengthMax. PersonsComments
1 Survey Launch  255 31   HSL 3101 is equipped to collect bathymetric data, hull mounted side scan imagery and water column profiles; Reson 7125- SV2, Klien 5500, Odom Echotrac CV-200, Applanix POS-MV. Power insulation protection for scientific equipment.
2 Survey Launch  255 31   HSL 3101 is equipped to collect bathymetric data, hull mounted side scan imagery and water column profiles; Reson 7125- SV2, Klien 5500, Odom Echotrac CV-200, Applanix POS-MV. Power insulation protection for scientific equipment. 
3 Rescue Boat (SOLAS Approved)  220 22 9 Jet drive diesel FRB 

Deck Equipment

Winch – Oceanographic
Quantity 1
Manufacturer DT Marine 
Model N/A 
Drive Electrohydraulic
Max. Pull 500 lbs.
Max. Depth 1000 m
Drum Capacity 1500
Type of Cable Installed ¼" galvanized steel cable
Length of Cable on the drum 1400 m
Location Main Deck Port side Amidships
Winch – Side Scan Sonar (C-Frame)
Quantity 1
Manufacturer SEAMAC
Model N/A 
Drive Electrohydraulic
Max. Pull 800 lbs.
Max. Depth 250 m
Drum Capacity 300
Type of Cable Installed 0.54" conductor cable
Length of Drum Cable 270 m
Location Main Deck, Starboard side aft
Crane, Telescopic Boom
Quantity 2
Manufacturer Utility Steel Fabrication, Inc. 
Boom Length 30 – 50 ft. fully extended 
Lifting Capacity 6,000 lbs. (3,800 boom extended)
Location 01 Deck, Amidships, Aft boat deck, and 01 Deck, Port, foredeck
J Frame (C Frame)
Quantity 1
Type Moveable
Clearance over the side 4-5 ft.
Vertical Clearance 4-5 ft.
Safe Working Load 7500 lbs.
Location Fantail starboard side 
Anchor - Bow
Quantity 2
Type Stockless
Weight 3500 lbs.
Port Anchor Chain Length 105 fathoms
Starboard Anchor Chain Length 120 fathoms
Boat Davit
QuantityManufacturerHoist Cap.LocationBoat Type
2 Schat Harding  18,000 Main Deck Port and Starboard side  Survey Launch 
1 Schat Harding  7,700 Main Deck Starboard side aft of the survey launch davit  RHIB/FRB 

Medical Facilities

One medical treatment room containing two berths for patients. Emergency and first-aid equipment aboard, administered by designated vessel personnel. 

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