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NOAA Corps


Environmental Science Services Administration Corps Basic Officer Training Class 21

Members of Environmental Science Services Administration Corps Basic Officer Training Class 21. From left to right: CDR Buffington, Steve F. Yoxhida, Donald Askew, William Cameron, Alexander Hogue, Gerben Hoekstra, Peter MacDoran, Raymond Severy, Lowell Genzlinger, Frank Rossi, William Budd, Richard Wilson, Norman Smith, John Callahan, 
Brian Atwell, Peter Cook, John Heagle, David Blanchard, Michael Smith, Thomas Stockton, Mark Harbert, Roger Anderson, David McCall, Charles Malyneaux, Willis Kircik, Richard Sundholm, Philip Clark.

September 9, 1966
  • Steve F. Yoxhida
  • Donald Askew
  • William Cameron
  • Alexander Hogue
  • Gerben Hoekstra
  • Peter MacDoran
  • Raymond Severy
  • Lowell Genzlinger
  • Frank Rossi
  • William Budd
  • Richard Wilson
  • Norman Smith
  • John Callahan
  • Brian Atwell
  • Peter Cook
  • John Heagle
  • David Blanchard
  • Michael Smith
  • Thomas Stockton
  • Mark Harbert
  • Roger Anderson
  • David McCall
  • Charles Malyneaux
  • Willis Kircik
  • Richard Sundholm
  • Philip Clark

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