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NOAA Corps


NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class 98

NOAA Corps Basic Officer Training Class 98. Back row (left to right):ENS Scott Wingerter, ENS Jim Cronin, LT John Adler, ENS Jon Neuhaus, ENS Doug Krause, ENS Lisa Cooper, ENS Andy Hall, ENS Jeremy Weirich, ENS Ben Evans, ENS Jim Butz, ENS Jeff Judas, ENS Russell Haner, ENS Nick Toth. Front row: ENS Mitzi George, ENS Cathy Martin, ENS Nicole Cabana, ENS Shawna Bell.

April 7, 2000

Ensign Shawna Bell

ENS Shawna Bell graduated from Jacksonville University in Florida on May 1, 1999 with a B.S. in Marine Science. During the summer of 1998 she interned at a local coastal engineering firm where she assisted the engineers and technicians as needed. During her senior year, she completed an independent research project on the hydrodynamics of waves. This consisted of designing and building a wave machine for an existing flume. After graduation, ENS Bell reported to NOAA Ship Rainier.

Ensign James Butz

ENS James Butz is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He served for two years on active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard. After completing his enlistment, ENS Butz earned a BS in Biological Millersville University in Millersville, Pa. As part of his coarse work at Florida Institute of Technology for a Masters in Coastal Oceanography from Zone Management, he studied sea turtle biology at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and was involved with a study of boat scar recovery of seagrass beds of Biscayne Bay, Fl. While researching internship opportunities for the second half of his Masters degree, as well as future employment opportunities, ENS Butz learned about the NOAA Corps. After several months of consideration, he decided to postpone the completion on his Masters until after his two years of sea duty. At which time, he hopes to combine the internship work with his NOAA shore duties. After graduation, ENS Butz reported to NOAA Ship Ka'imimoana.

Ensign Nicole Cabana

ENS Nicole Cabana graduated in 1999 from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Her interdisciplinary degree focused on marine and conservation biology. Her fieldwork has concentrated on marine mammals and fishes, studying humpbacks in the Gulf of Maine, fur seals in New Zealand, harp seals in Canada, and blue tangs in Mexico. She presented her research on the controversies of harp sealing to the Society of Human Ecology Conference in Montreal and to the Society of Marine Mammalogy Conference in Maui. After graduation, ENS Cabana reported to NOAA Ship McArthur.

Ensign Lisa Cooper

ENS Lisa Cooper was fortunate enough to live in Bozeman, Montana for the last four and a half years. While there she earned a Bachelors degree at Montana State University in Biology and worked at the Museum of the Rockies studying the growth of a dinosaur, Hypacrosaurus stebingeri. Besides working on dinosaur digs, ENS Cooper interned with the Sustainable Seas Expedition in Santa Barbara, California. There, Francesca M. Cava, a former NOAA captain, introduced her to the NOAA Corps. ENS Cooper is excited about being at sea for the next two years and is inspired by her experiences fishing and water-skiing with her father, scuba diving with her family, and imagining what is to come. After graduation, ENS Cooper reported to NOAA Ship Rainier.

Ensign James Cronin

ENS James Cronin comes to the NOAA Corps from Boulder, CO where he attended the University of Colorado with distinction. While at CU-Boulder, ENS Cronin doubled majored in biology and environmental studies at the bachelor level, and biology at the master’s level. The title of his master’s thesis was “The Effects of Habitat Modification on Lizard Diversity in a Subtropical Dry Forest.” Ensign Cronin has prior naval experience, which includes five years of active service in the special warfare community as a SEAL operator (SEAL Team Five, Coronado, CA).In addition, ENS Cronin participated in two successful WESTPAC deployments. He looks forward to serving NOAA, and fostering an understanding in the field of conservation of biology. After graduation, ENS Cronin reported to the Research Vessel R/V Gloria Michelle.

Ensign Benjamin Evans

ENS Benjamin Evans is a native of Williamson NY, a small town on the south shore of Lake Ontario. He attended Williams College in Williamstown, MA, and while an undergraduate completed the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut. After graduating from Williams in 1996 with a BA in Physics, ENS Evans went on to graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program in Oceanography. At WHOI ENS Evans worked primarily on problems in acoustic navigation for REMUS, a small autonomous underwater vehicle. He completed his Oceanographic Engineer's degree in September of 1999.ENS Evans enjoys most water sports, in particular sailing, rowing, and SCUBA diving, in addition to land based activities such as hiking and camping. After graduation, ENS Evans reported to NOAA Ship Rude.

Ensign Mitzi George

ENS Mitzi George has a B.S. degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA. Her senior project was a paper on western U.S. water law. She spent a year in Uppsala, Sweden studying freshwater biology and upon graduating in December of ’95 continued working for the Forest Service as a fisheries technician and then as a biologist. In May of 1999 ENS George became a full time land surveyor; first working with the California Dept. of Transportation doing GPS surveys and then working for a route surveying company out of Portland, Oregon doing fiber optics and power line mapping. After graduation ENS George reported to NOAA Ship Rainier.

Ensign Andrew Hall

Originally from Sandwich MA, ENS Andrew Hall graduated from Bates College in 1999 with a B.S. in Biology. In 1998 he spent a semester at James Cook University of North Queensland Australia studying marine biology. He enjoys scuba diving, travel, and basketball. Ensign Hall is the tallest NOAA corps officer of all time. After graduation ENS Hall reported to NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter.

Ensign Russell Haner

ENS Russell Haner graduated with a B.A. in Biology from Whitman College in Walla Walla Washington in 1990. He then served as a volunteer agricultural advisor with the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. Upon returning to the U.S., he took a position with the National Marine Fisheries Service collecting data aboard commercial fishing vessels in California and Hawaii. Subsequent service aboard the NOAA Ships Townsend Cromwell and the McArthur led him to accept a commission with the NOAA Corps. After graduation, ENS Haner reported to NOAA Ship Miller Freeman.

Ensign Jeffery Judas

ENS Jeffrey Judas earned his B.S. in Biology, with a minor in Marine Biology, from The Richard Stockton College of N.J. During his last two college years he worked for the Environmental Protection Agency. With the EPA, he set up a G.I.S. database to be used for a Storm Water Management Model of the Navesink Basin located in New Jersey. Prior to working for the EPA, he interned for NOAA NMFS in Sandy Hook, N.J. assisting in a study of the migratory patterns of Summer Flounder in the Navesink River. After graduation, ENS Judas reported to NOAA Ship Ferrel.

Ensign Douglas Krause

ENS Krause graduated from Bates College with a B.S. in Biology, and a minor in Theater in 1999. He spent a semester at the University of Bath, England studying ecology. His senior thesis on beech bark disease made two things clear: (1) his research ability was worthy of his induction into Sigma Xi, and (2) after spending hundreds of hours in the forest looking at tree fungus, he decided to go to sea. He enjoys sailing, outdoor activities, and the cinema. After graduation, ENS Krause reported to NOAA Ship McArthur.

Ensign Catherine Martin

Originally from North Andover, Massachusetts, ENS Catherine Martin graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Aviation Management/Flight Technology in May 1998, and a B.S. in Aviation Meteorology in December 1998. Her degree led her to earn a Multi-Engine Commercial Instrument pilot’s license. During her college years she worked at the National Weather Services in Melbourne, Florida, as a hydrometeorological technician. Her main responsibility was broadcasting weather reports on the NOAA Weather Radio. She also worked at the Florida Solar Energy Center, in Cocoa, Florida, assisting in the testing and certification of domestic hot water solar collectors and pool collectors. After graduation, ENS Martin reported to NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown.

Ensign Jonathan Neuhaus

ENS Jonathan Neuhaus was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and obtained a B.S. in Environmental Science from Auburn University. For the past two years he’s worked for an environmental laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia conducting data review and evaluations, method development and working on special projects. After graduation, ENS Neuhaus reported to NOAA Ship Whiting.

Ensign Nicholas Toth

Graduated from the University of South Florida in 1991 with a B.S. in Zoology. For the past 8 years he has worked as an Environmental Scientist managing an Aquatic Preserve in Tampa, Florida where estuarine ecosystems management was the primary focus. During that time he was able to participate in Florida DOF Prescribed Burning, a Reserve program for the local law enforcement office and spent a brief period working for the State Emergency Response Program. After graduation, ENS Toth reported to the NOAA Ship Oregon II.

Ensign Jeremy Weirich

ENS Jeremy Weirich received a B.S. in Marine Science from Maine Maritime Academy, and has recently finished his M.S. in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Aside from conducting oceanographic research aboard vessels in New England, he worked for an environmental consulting firm as a chemist in Detroit, and as a waterfront director on Catalina Island, California in conjunction with the Jean-Michel Cousteau Institute. Ensign Weirich has also been involved in emergency medicine as a volunteer firefighter, licensed EMT, CPR instructor, trained ship’s medical officer, and advanced ship’s medicine instructor. After graduation, ENS Weirich reported to NOAA Ship Whiting.

Ensign Scott Wingerter

ENS Scott Wingerter graduated in 1995 from Boston University with a degree in Biology/Marine Science. Since then, he has worked approximately 18 months with various organizations within the Fish and Wildlife Service, and served as an observer aboard fishing vessels in Alaskan waters. In the past two year, Mr. Wingerter has worked with both the Department of Agriculture in the field of catfish genetics, and with the Army Corps of Engineers on salmon passage issues in the Pacific Northwest. He is looking to continue working in population fisheries. After graduation, ENS Wingerter reported to NOAA Ship Albatross IV.

Lieutenant John Adler

LT John Adler transferred to the NOAA Corps after 11 years of naval service. While with the U.S. Navy, he navigated LC-130’s in Antarctica for two seasons, earned a Master’s degree in Space Systems Engineering and served with VQ-1 as a mission commander on the EP-3. His last assignment was at the Naval Satellite Operations Center as Satellite Engineering Department Head responsible for 5 different LEO, HEO and GEO satellite constellations. He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.A. in Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1987. After orientation and training at BOTC 98, LT Adler reported to the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations's Aircraft Operations Center.

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