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NOAA Corps

Pay and Benefits

Officer pay is based on rank and time in service.

The figures below are for an Ensign (O-1) with no prior service, as of January 2017.

Monthly pay and allowances at Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC), New London, Connecticut
Basic Pay $3,108.00
Basic Allowance for Subsistence1 $253.63
TOTAL $3,361.63

Married officers also receive a monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)1 while at New London. The amount of BAH varies with duty station location and/or the location of the officer's dependents.

While at BOTC, room is provided at no charge. You must reimburse the government for meals.

Monthly pay and allowances upon reporting to assigned ship following BOTC
Basic Pay $3,108.00
Basic Allowance for Subsistence1 $253.63
Career Sea Pay $5.00
Total $3,366.63

Basic Allowance for Housing

Single officers not living aboard ship, and married officers receive a monthly Basic Allowance for Housing1. The amount varies based on the ship's home port.

Examples of Basic Allowance for Housing
HomeportOfficer without dependentsOfficer with dependents
Norfolk, VA $1,509 $1,536
Newport, OR $1,173 $1,407

Other compensation is available including Diving Pay ($240 per month when diving) and Aviation Career Incentive Pay ($125-$840 per month for aviators/navigators).

Other benefits include:

  • 30 days of paid vacation each year
  • Retirement with pension after 20 years of active duty service
  • New Blended Retirement System-[effective January 1, 2018]
  • Comprehensive medical and dental coverage
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits
  • Military exchange and commissary privileges
  • Option to enroll for the following benefits:
    • $400,000 term life insurance at a cost of $27.00 per month; (lower coverage amounts may be selected, and coverage for spouse and children is also available)
    • Thrift Savings Plan [similar to 401(k) Plan found in private sector]
    • 9/11 GI Bill Education Benefit Program
    • Long Term Care Insurance(various options/premiums)

For more information about pay and benefits, see Pay and Benefits under the Commissioned Personnel Center section.

Tax-Free Allowance (not subject to Federal or state income taxes)

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