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Small Boat Program


Small Boat Program

The NOAA Small Boat Program (SBP) ensures that the agency’s small boats, defined as any vessel which is less than 300 gross registered tons displacement and less than 100 feet in length overall, meet or exceed all applicable regulatory and industry standards for safety, construction and operation. Through comprehensive inspections and training programs, the SBP provides guidance tailored specifically to the unique missions of the fleet. In addition, the SBP provides technical expertise in the design and acquisition of new vessels, assists with contracting repairs and modifications for existing platforms, administers vessel inspections, and conducts training on vessel inspections and maintenance.


LCDR Nick Morgan (206-553-0258)

Areas of Responsibility: Program Administration, Line Office/NOAA Management Liaison, Regulatory Compliance Assessment and Assistance, Operational Risk Assessment Review, Small Boat Safety Board.

Executive Officer

LT Josh Fredrick (206-553-7590)

Areas of Responsibility: Point of contact for field personnel, assists the Manager in the oversight of the Small Boat Program, web page updates, vessel inventory and compliance.

Inspection Coordinator

Darel McCormick (206-304-7470)

Areas of Responsibility: Coordination and scheduling of boat inspections, identification of applicable regulation, boat inspection and marine survey.

Engineering Coordinator

Jeff Kingrey (206-553-2648)

Areas of Responsibility: Small boat engineering maintenance program, engineering technical research and assistance, small boat alteration review and inspections.

 Training Coordinator

Paul Moreno (202-577-5765)

Areas of Responsibility: Coordination and scheduling of training course; manages training development.

Small Boat Safety Board

The Small Boat Safety Board (SBSB) is an advisory panel chaired by Mr. Dennis Donahue and comprised of representatives from each Line Office; the Program Office; NOAA’s Safety and Environmental Compliance Office; and NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement. The SBSB is responsible for reviewing, revising and approving all policies, standards, and operating procedures pertaining to the Agency’s small boats. The SBSB is also responsible for revising the NOAA Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual, which governs the operating standards and procedures for all small boats operated under the authority of NOAA.

The SBSP was established by the authority of NOAA Administrative Order 209-125: NOAA Small Boat Program. A comprehensive listing of the SBSB responsibilities can be found in the SBSB Charter. SBSB meeting minutes serve as a record of matters that come before the SBSB.

Voting members of the SBSB members:

  • Chairperson: Michael Davidson (240-533-0058)
  • Vice-Chairperson: Michael Hendon (228-762-4591)
  • Peter Plantamura (908-433-3581)
  • Dennis Donahue (231-755-5173)
  • Kevin Ivey (301-713-7706)
  • Tim Donaldson (912-577-0508)
  • Dave Slocum (781-545-8026)
  • LCDR Nick Morgan (206-553-7590)

Non-voting members of the SBSB:

  • Chad Yoshinaga (808 725-5391)
  • Joe Duran (206-526-6049)

 Line Office Small Boat Officers

The Line Office Small Boat Officers (LOSBO) are appointed by their respective Line Office Assistant Administrator. The LOSBO represents both individual programs, as well as the Line Office as a whole. The LOSBO assists Line Office Regional Programs in carrying out safe and effective small boat operations and coordinates Line Office compliance with NAO 209-125, as well as the requirements as set by  and Supplemental Small Boat Policy. All LOSBOs are voting members of the Small Boat Safety Board.

  • National Marine Fisheries Service – 
    • Michael Hendon (228-762-4591)
    • Peter Plantamura (908-433-3581)
  • Office of Law Enforcement – 
    • Tim Donaldson (912-577-0508)
  • National Ocean Service – 
    • Dave Slocum (781-545-8026)
    • Michael Davidson (240-533-0058)
  • National Weather Service – Dennis Donahue (231-755-5173)
  • Office of Marine and Aviation Operations – Kevin Ivey (301-713-7706)
  • Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research – Dennis Donahue (231-755-5173)

Note: The National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service does not have small boats. 

Vessel Program Coordinators

The Vessel Program Coordinators (VPC) are appointed by the LOSBO to support operations inside a specific region. The VPC will assist their LOSBO with communication and implementation of policies and requirements, report issues up to the LOSBO, and provide assistance as needed by the LOSBO.

National Marine Fisheries Service

  • Northeast Region: Peter Plantamura (908-433-3581)
  • Southeast Region: Michael Hendon (228-762-4591)
  • Southwest Region: CDR Emily Rose (858-334-2860)
  • Northwest Region: Wes Parker (206-860-3339)
  • Pacific Island Region: Chad H. Yoshinaga (808-725-5391) (808-725-5391)
  • Alaska Region: Brad Weinlaeder (907-789-6601)

Office of Law Enforcement

  • All – Tim Donaldson (912-577-0508)

National Ocean Service 

  • Sanctuaries: Dana Wilkes (206-390-8073)
  • NRT & Bay Hydro: CDR Megan Guberski
  • All others: Dave Slocum (781-545-8026) / Michael Davidson (240-533-0058) 

National Weather Service

Office of Marine and Aviation Operations

  • Paul Siebert (541-272-9561) & LT Erick Estela (813-397-9847)

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research


Note: The National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service does not have small boats. 

Vessel Operations Coordinator

The Vessel Operations Coordinators (VOC) are appointed by their respective Program Directors. All VOC’s have operational authority over the small boats assigned to their rosters, and shall ensure all operations adhere to the safety and management polices laid out in the . NOAA currently has ~800 VOC's.

A list of all VOCs is available on the VOC Contact List on Google Drive. Note you must have a NOAA email to access it. 

Small Boat Program Email Distribution Lists

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