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Small Boat Program

NOAA Component Class Instructors

Instructors are based throughout the country and classes can be arranged by local units. Please contact a local instructor if you would like to schedule a class in your area. Contact information available through the NOAA Staff Directory.


Peter J. Plantamura (732-872-3095)
NEFSC-Sandy Hook, NJ

Frederick W. Wenzel (508-495-2252)
NEFSC-Woods Hole, MA

Douglas W. Smith (757-441-6465)
OMAO-Norfolk, VA

Dennis J. Donahue (231-755-5173)
OAR-GLERL-Muskegon, MI
Alt. phone: 231-755-6181

David Slocum (781-545-8026 x222)
SBNMS - Scituate, MA


Wayne B. Hoggard (228-549-1766)
NMFS/SEFSC-Pascagoula, MS

Michael Douglas Hendon (228-549-1643)
NMFS/SEFSC-Pascagoula, MS

Anthony Martinez (305-361-4486 x486)

John H. Brusher (850-234-6541 x238)
NMFS/SEFSC-Panama City, FL

Gregg R. Gitschlag (409-766-3513)
SEFSC - Galveston, TX

Northwest and Alaska

Robert R. Marvelle (907-586-9329)
NMFS/Enforcement - Juneau, AK

Tommy D. Abbas (907-723-4457)
AKFSC - Juneau, AK

Andrew K. Gray (907-789-6047)
AKFSC - Juneau, AK

Bradley S. Weinlaeder (907-789-6601)
AKFSC - Juneau, AK

James H. Kruger (206-660-8747)
OMAO/Rainier - Newport, OR

Leslie M. Allen (206-553-4795)
OMAO/ Fairweather - Newport, OR
Alt. phone: 541-867-8785

Jeff Kingrey (206-553-2648)
SBP - Seattle, WA

Southwest and Pacific Islands

Thomas Steve Sessions (858-546-7097)
SWFSC-La Jolla, CA

Anthony Michael Cossio (858-546-5609)
SWFSC-La Jolla, CA

Erin L. Strange (916-930-3653)
SWFSC-Sacramento, CA

Chad H. Yoshinaga (808-725-5391)
PIFSC-Honolulu, HI

Mark O'Conner (808-832-3254)
OMAO/Hi'ialakai - Honolulu, HI

James A. Barlow (808-725-5344)
PIFSC - Honolulu, HI
Alt. phone: 808-983-3711

Jeffrey M. Pollack (808-725-6100)
NMFS/OLE - Honolulu, HI
Alt. phone: 808-541-2730

NOAA Corps Officers

CDR Chad M. Cary (508-495-2395)

LCDR Sean D. Cimilluca (541-867-8911)

LCDR Keith Golden

LT Adrienne Lois-Margie Hopper (808-659-5690)

LCDR Justin T. Keesee (206-526-6476)

CDR Michael G. Levine

LCDR Colin D. Little (541-867-8903)

LT Andrew J. Ostapenko (301-683-3951)

LT Amber M. Payne (810-444-5440)

LT Emily M. Rose (401-378-7414)

LCDR William "Bill" G. Winner (301-683-3227)

ENS Daniel R. Helmricks (907-254-2842)

LT Matthew M. Forney (907-254-2842)

LTJG Cherisa L. Friedlander (831-420-3998)

LCDR Chad Michael Meckley (860-701-6473)

LCDR Brian Prestcott (541-867-8711)

LCDR Megan Guberski (206-553-7590 )

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