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Small Boat Program

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NOAA Small Boat Program Metrics for FY2018 

June 1, 2018
Type: Media: Document

NOAA Component Class Student Manual

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Accident flow chart

NOAA small boat
July 18, 2018
Type: Media: Image

A NOAA small boat during a mission

Lt.j.g. Sarah Chappel
May 21, 2018
Type: Media: Article

NOAA’s larger vessels, including the 16 ocean-going ships in the agency’s fleet, usually garner the most attention. But NOAA’s small vessels are also essential to getting the job done.

Lt.j.g. Sarah Chappel
May 21, 2018
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Lt.j.g. Sarah Chappel steers R/V Bay Hydro II

April 30, 2018
Type: Media: Document

This manual incorporates the required provisions defined by NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 209-125.

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New Program metrics for FY17 included three primary measures - Assets, Utilization and Exposure.

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Bay Hydro II Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP).

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