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Utility Navigation

Required Equipment

The minimum carriage requirements are separated by small boat classes and types. These tables are the minimum, additional equipment is encouraged based on operations or location requirements.  Additional information can be found in Section 10 of the Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual 


***Additional carriage requirements based on operating area and operational risk assessment***


 Minimum Carriage Requirements for First Aid Kits

 All small boats must carry first aid kits. The kits must take into account the boat's intended operations, and the number of people carried aboard. The following are suggested inventories, based on class of boat

Life Raft Requirements 

 Requirements for Life Raft carriage are found in Section 10 of the Small Boat Safety and Procedures Manual. Guidance on Life Rafts and Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses (IBAs) for Class I and II Small Boats can be found HERE.



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