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Small Boat Program

Summit 2017

NOAA Small Boat Summit 2017 Group Picture
NOAA Small Boat Summit 2017 Group Picture

NOAA Small Boat Summit 2017

The NOAA Small Boat Summit was held in September 2017, at the David Skaggs Research Center in Boulder, Colorado. The main topic was to introduce the 4th edition of the Small Boat Standards and Procedures Manual.

A total of 64 NOAA personnel attending, including the Small Boat Safety Board, Small Boat Program Office, Vessel Program Coordinators, Vessel Operations Coordinators, and waterfront personnel. Keynote speakers were: Dr David Quivey, Director, NOAA Environmental, Safety and Sustainability Office; and Mr Gary Reisner, Deputy Assistant Administrator, OMAO.

The historical agenda is available here: NOAA Small Boat Summit Agenda 12-14 September. Additionally, a summary of the 2017 Summit is available here: NOAA Small Boat Summit 2017 Summary.

The presentations given during the Summit have been posted here for ongoing reference.

At the end of the Summit, the Small Boat Safety Board and Small Boat Program asked for feedback. The response summary is linked below.


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