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Office of Marine and Aviation Operation

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Small Boat Operator candidates must complete a Personnel Qualifications Standards checklist for each type of mission they will perform, and for each specific small boat they will operate. 

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Use this form as guidance to complete weight testing of shipboard cranes used to hoist small boats that contain personnel. It works in conjunction with OMAO Weight Testing Guidance memo.

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This form is intended to provide general guidance to assist in developing a Baseline Assessement and Small Boat Operations Manual.

January 3, 2014
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The OMAO Weight Testing Guidance contains safety policy to be used when hoisting small boats containing personnel using shipboard cranes.

May 13, 2015
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The NOAA Small Boat Safety Board Charter establishes the roles and responsibilities of the Small Boat Safety Board.

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What: This form provides instructions for testing the positive pressure demand regulator in SEP provided emergency oxygen kits. When: This form is for reference when conducting quarterly checks on the positive pressure...
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What: This form is an annual record of oxygen kit maintenance and it is used to add additional kits and parts from the Standardized Equipment Program. There are several rows consisting of specific items to inspect on the...
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What: This form summarizes the inspection status of a group of scuba cylinders. It contains fields for several cylinder specifications (i.e., cylinder serial number, dates of last VIP, first and last hydrostatic tests, type...
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What: This form documents the visual inspection of a single scuba cylinder. It contains detailed information from all phases of a visual inspection (e.g., cylinder specifications, external condition, internal condition, and...
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What: This form is used to report to the Standardized Equipment Program (SEP) Coordinator the loss of or damage to any SEP gear. There are sections to document the serial number(s) of the lost or damaged gear and to provide...

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