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NOAA Form 57-19-05 Annual Small Boat Evaluation for Class A and 1 Non-Motorized Boats or with Portable Outboard Motors.

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Basic medical information, in the event of incapacitation aboard a NOAA small boat. Filling out this form is strictly voluntary.

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Personal Qualification Standards for crewmembers aboard Class II small boats.

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Inspection booklet for Class III, & SRV. 

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What: This form should be completed annually for all divers in the Diving Unit. It documents the annual watermanship test, which consists of a timed swim. There are six options for the swim, they are all 500 m (550 yds), but...
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What: This form is completed by prospective Volunteer Divers to document their status as unpaid federal employees for the purpose of providing Workers' Compensation coverage and to extend liability protection. The UDS should...
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An example float plan used aboard the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson, for the launch Peggy D.

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