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December 15, 2017
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Maintenance policy for demand valves and oxygen first stages used by NOAA diving units.

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Basic medical information, in the event of incapacitation aboard a NOAA small boat. Filling out this form is strictly voluntary.

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The following standards and procedures were established by the NOAA Diving Program to provide criteria, specifications, and requirements for operating NOAA hyperbaric chambers. 

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PowerPoint Slides for the Physiology of Immersion lecture. DMT class, December 2016.

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PowerPoint Slides for the Pathophysiology of Decompression lecture. DMT class, December 2016.

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Tuberculosis Screening Document, NOAA Form 57-10-02

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Application for medical qualification to embark a NOAA ship.

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The Neurological exam form walks the user through the basic exam steps and provides a place to record results. 
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The NOAA Diving Program's Dive Accident Management Field Reference Guide includes: Flow charts for treatment of conscious and unconscious divers Lists of signs and symptoms of diving maladies Diver contact and dive history...

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