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What: This form provides instructions for testing the positive pressure demand regulator in SEP provided emergency oxygen kits. When: This form is for reference when conducting quarterly checks on the positive pressure...
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What: This form is an annual record of oxygen kit maintenance and it is used to add additional kits and parts from the Standardized Equipment Program. There are several rows consisting of specific items to inspect on the...
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What: This form is used to report CHANGES in the medical history of all NOAA Divers on an annual basis. The form is to be completed and signed by the NOAA Diver. It consists of contact information for the diver, medications...
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What: This form is used to report an Observer Diver candidate’s health status to the NDMO. The form is to be completed by the Observer Diver candidate and signed by the medical professional conducting the medical review. It...
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What: These three forms are used to report a diver’s health status to the NDMO. One form (NF 57-03-50) is a checklist to ensure all the required tests have been conducted and the reports included in the submission packet....
March 11, 2016
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This policy clarifies current guidance for the prevention of tuberculosis infection in embarked personnel sailing aboard NOAA ships.

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The NOAA Diving Medical Standards and Procedures Manual provides guidance on medical requirements and potentially disqualifying medical conditions for NOAA Divers. It is the medical policy manual for the NOAA Diving Program.
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This chart is the no-decompression table used by NOAA Divers for multiple air dives. 

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