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What: This form is an annual record of oxygen kit maintenance and it is used to add additional kits and parts from the Standardized Equipment Program. There are several rows consisting of specific items to inspect on the...
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What: This form summarizes the inspection status of a group of scuba cylinders. It contains fields for several cylinder specifications (i.e., cylinder serial number, dates of last VIP, first and last hydrostatic tests, type...
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What: This form documents the visual inspection of a single scuba cylinder. It contains detailed information from all phases of a visual inspection (e.g., cylinder specifications, external condition, internal condition, and...
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This document represents the standards and procedures for a Diving Unit Safety Assessment (DUSA) inspection under the auspices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As diving progresses so shall the...
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What: This form is to be used to report the results of a self-inspection of five areas of the Diving Unit - Administration, Training, Diving Equipment & Storage, Breathing Gas Compressors & System Components, and...
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In this Manual, Unit Diving Supervisors will find guidance on the types of tasks that they are expected to perform, and includes copies of required forms with instructions and a list of reports with submission deadlines.  
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This Annual Report includes information on activities by all of NOAA's Diving Units and an assessment of the state of diving at NOAA for calendar year 2014.

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This chart is the no-decompression table used by NOAA Divers for multiple air dives. 

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