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Marine Operations, in the Office of Marine and Aviation operations (OMAO), will develop, implement, maintain, and ensure continual improvement via safety and environmental management systems.

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The Neurological exam form walks the user through the basic exam steps and provides a place to record results. 
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The NOAA Diving Program's Dive Accident Management Field Reference Guide includes: Flow charts for treatment of conscious and unconscious divers Lists of signs and symptoms of diving maladies Diver contact and dive history...
August 11, 2015
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This document is a flow chart that indicates when and who to contact in case of property damage during NOAA diving operations. 
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An example float plan used aboard the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson, for the launch Peggy D.

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An example float plan from the Northwest Fisheries Science Center.

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An example float plan from the Office Of Law Enforcement

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An example float plan from the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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An example Log that can be used to track changes made to vessels.

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Testing procedure for Mustang brand immersion suits, per Vessel Inspection Bulletin 04-10 Ammendment 1.

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