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A laptop screen showing a heart ultrasound image
September 21, 2015
Media: Image
November 11, 2015
Media: Video
A NOAA Diver using a Closed Circuit Rebreather during a decompression stop. He is performing light exercise by bending and extending his arms and legs. 
A laptop screen showing a heart ultrasound image
January 15, 2016
Media: Article

Last September, the NOAA Diving Program conducted non-invasive research on bubble formation in the hearts of NOAA Divers diving to a maximum depth of 300 ft.

Dive Unit
Unit Diving Supervisor: Jason Leonard (808-725-5801) Location: Honolulu, HI Website:
Dive Unit
Diving Unit Supervisor: Sean Cimilluca (757-591-7358) Location: Newport News, VA Website:
Dive Unit
Unit Diving Supervisor: Zachary Hileman (206-526-6936) Location: Seattle, WA Website: NOAA Diving Center
Dive Unit
Unit Diving Supervisor: John Bright (989-356-8805) Location: Alpena, MI Website:
Pick up truck full of closed circuit rebreather bottles.
June 18, 2014
Media: Image
Media: Document
What: This document is the principle form used by the NDCSB to review and approve closed circuit rebreather (CCR) decompression dives. It is prepared by a UDS (or designee) and submitted to the respective LODO or SODO who...
Closed Circuit Rebreather units lined up for a class
August 12, 2015
Media: Article
Summary A NOAA Diver using a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) recently experienced a persistent creep in their PO2 while diving and, after trying a diluent flush, decided to bail out to open circuit as a precaution and end...

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