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Objective: Prepare students to respond appropriately and swiftly to injuries, and breathing and cardiac emergencies. Photo: Aitana de la Jara/NOAA Click for download,...
A physician riding a stationary bicycle and breathing from compressed air as his fellow students watch
October 14, 2015
Media: Image
Cmdr. Joel Dulaigh teaching a Basic Life Support class as students practice using AEDs
September 11, 2015
Media: Image
A NOAA Diver provides oxygen first aid to a mock victim during a rescue drill
Basic page
The NOAA Diving Program supplies its Diving Units with certain necessary medical equipment.  The "kits" are items bundled by the NOAA Diving Program in waterproof cases for ease of transport. Unit Diving Supervisors can...
Students with snorkels swimming in Lake Washington
Basic page
Diving is a physically demanding activity that requires adequate physical preparation. In order to become NOAA divers, candidates must first submit a physical to be considered medically fit to dive. After that, divers must...
Diving Medical Officers Cmdr. Joel Dulaigh and Lt. Gary Montgomery
July 1, 2015
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A physician riding a stationary bicycle and breathing from compressed air as his fellow students watch
Basic page
The NOAA Diving Program (NDP), through its focus on diving safety, has a strong diving medicine component dedicated to educating and preparing divers and field medical personnel to become first responders in case of...
Diving students inside a pool using dry suits.
Basic page
The NOAA Diving Program (NDP) provides training primarily to NOAA employees that are authorized by their supervisors to dive as part of their job description. However, NDP also welcomes federal, state, and local government...

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