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June 23, 2016
The NOAA Diving Control and Safety Board will be holding their bimonthly meeting. 
Coast Guard VADM Charles Michel and NOAA RADM David Score sit side by side to sign Officer Exchange Memorandum of Understanding.
December 16, 2015
Media: Image
Students review the day's dive plans.
Basic page
This page is a repository for all NOAA diving forms.  Each of the form links below will take you to a page with basic instructions and a downloadable form. All forms are provided as pdf documents and should be downloaded...
Basic page
Below is an overview and estimated timeline for planning and executing a research project aboard a NOAA ship. Projects are most often organized and funded via NOAA Line Offices (LO). Projects that are organized and funded...
Members of the NDCSB sitting at a table facing a conference room
March 11, 2015
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NOAA Divers wearing dry suits after a working dive in Alaska
Basic page
The Unit Diving Supervisor has a crucial role within the NOAA Diving Program. Unit Diving Supervisors (UDSs) must make decisions about all diving related activities at their unit: when dives occur, how the dives are executed...
RADM Score and Diving Safety Board members
Basic page
The NOAA Diving Control and Safety Board (NDCSB), the governing body of the NOAA Diving Program, is the ultimate authority in drafting and approving all diving policies and guidelines.  NOAA Diving Regulations are currently...

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