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2016 El Nino Rapid Response Field Campaign Mission Map
January 31, 2016
Media: Article

Major effort utilizes special capabilities of OMAO-operated Gulfstream IV aircraft and NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown.

Dive Unit
Diving Unit Supervisor: LT Eric T. Johnson CDR (401-439-7848) Location: Silver Spring, MD Website:
March 18, 2013
Media: Video
Radio from aircraft: “John, how far north are we going to be going on the, uh, northbound track?” “108 miles north of the eye”“Ok – great.” NARRATOR:The job of a hurricane hunter is not for the faint at heart. These brave...
N42RF in Halifax Ocean Winds 2015
January 20, 2015
Media: Image
NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
March 27, 2015
Media: Image

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