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Marine Operations

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Job Announcement: Chief Engineer

Survey technician services buoy
February 2, 2020
Media: Image
Survey technician cleans oceanographic sensors
February 2, 2020
Media: Image
Survey technician cleans oceanographic sensors
March 31, 2021
Media: Article

In her own words, Sophia Tigges shares her journey from a young, budding science enthusiast to becoming a survey technician for The Nation’s leading federal scientific agency.

Fleet: Ship
NOAA Ship Whiting was built by the Marietta Manufacturing Company in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Commissioned on July 8, 1963, the ship was designed and outfitted for hydrographic and bathymetric surveys...
NOAA Ship Miller Freeman underway
Fleet: Ship
NOAA Ship Miller Freeman was built by the American Shipbuilding Company in Lorain, Ohio. Commissioned in 1974, the ship conducted fishery and living marine research. The ship normally operated off the U.S. Pacific...
NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai aerial view
Fleet: Ship
NOAA Ship Hi‘ialakai was built by the Tacoma Boatbuilding Company in Tacoma, Washington. Commissioned on September 3, 2004, the ship served as a multipurpose oceanographic research ship whose primary missions...

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