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NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps

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September 20, 2017
New Mexico State University. Las Cruces, NM. Career expo. 20-Sep-17 from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Corbett Center Student Union, Third Floor – Ballrooms
February 15, 2018
May 4, 2017
All Majors Career + Internship Fair
BOTC 129
May 9, 2017
Ensign Jeffrey D. Calderon Ensign Jeffrey D. Calderon reported to the NOAA Corps Officer Training Center on 11 January, 2017 to begin basic training with the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Prior to his arrival Ensign Calderon was...
BOTC 129
May 9, 2017
Media: Image
June 9, 2017
At the NOAA Open House, you will have the opportunity to tour NOAA's facilities and learn more about a variety of NOAA programs, including the National Weather Service, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NOAA Fisheries...
Basic Officer Training Class 125 group photo at U.S. Coast Guard Academy
May 8, 2017
See a new exhibit opening May 8, 2017 about the NOAA Corps at the U.S. Coast Guard Museum on the grounds of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. The NOAA Corps, whose officers train alongside Coast Guard...
NOAA King Air 350 CER prepares for takeoff
April 4, 2017 to April 9, 2017
NOAA's Beechcraft King Air 350 CER coastal mapping and emergency response aircraft will be on static display at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-in and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. See the aircraft and talk with NOAA Corps...
June 14, 2017
Visit the NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations booth at the NOAA Fish Fry and learn how the NOAA fleet and NOAA Corps support the nation. Open to the public. For more information, please contact Cheryl.Oliver@noaa....

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