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Office of Marine & Aviation Operations

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January 7, 2022
Media: Document

OMAO organization chart. Revised January 7, 2022.

OMAO Organizational Chart - November 2023
November 23, 2021
Media: Image
Profile photo of Rear Admiral Nancy Hann
November 22, 2021
Media: Image
Profile photo of Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Chad Cary
November 22, 2021
Media: Image
August 31, 2021
Media: Video
Ceremony participants with shovels during NOAA Ketchikan Port Facility groundbreaking event
August 31, 2021
Media: Article
Federal, state and local officials joined NOAA on Aug. 31, 2021, at a groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of a project to revitalize the agency’s port facility in Ketchikan, Alaska. NOAA awarded an $18.7 million...


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