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Diving Program

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NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Division team aboard the NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai
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Safety is the number one priority of all dives at NOAA. The NOAA Diving Program has well established policies and procedures to ensure divers conduct underwater operations safely. Safe diving encompasses a process that...
NOAA Diver students and instructor on a beach in Panama City, FL
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The Standardized Equipment Program (SEP) is the centralized maintenance and distribution program for open circuit diving equipment at NOAA. The Standardized Equipment Program ensures NOAA divers are adequately equipped to...
A physician riding a stationary bicycle and breathing from compressed air as his fellow students watch
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The NOAA Diving Program (NDP), through its focus on diving safety, has a strong diving medicine component dedicated to educating and preparing divers and field medical personnel to become first responders in case of...
Diving students inside a pool using dry suits.
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The NOAA Diving Program (NDP) provides training primarily to NOAA employees that are authorized by their supervisors to dive as part of their job description. However, NDP also welcomes federal, state, and local government...


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NOAA Reciprocity Diver collecting photos
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NOAA divers often work with other partners during diving missions to increase the scope and impact of their efforts. NOAA divers may only work with partners that have “reciprocity” agreements in place with the NOAA Diving...
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The NOAA Diving Program is currently comprised of 33 units and 34 sub-units.  Each one of the divers in these units and sub-units, from the Northeast Fisheries Science Centers to the National Marine Sanctuary of American...
NOAA Divemaster and Diver students on a small boat in Lake Washington
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The NOAA Diving Center (NDC) is the hub for training NOAA divers and is the administrative headquarters for the NOAA Diving Program. The NOAA Diving Center: Trains scientists, NOAA Corps Officers, engineers, and technicians...
NOAA Diving Center instructors wearing diving dry suits and rebreathers
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NOAA Diving Program 7600 Sand Point Way NE Building 8 Seattle, WA 98115 Phone: 206-526-6196 Fax: 206-526-6506General Inquiries: Diving Program Manager: Vacant Diving Safety Officer: Roger Mays (301-525-...

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