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New Ships for NOAA and the Nation

Illustration of New Ships Being Built for NOAA

Two new state-of-the art oceanographic ships are being built for the nation in Houma, Louisiana. In October 2022, NOAA, the U.S. Navy and Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors (TMC), LLC., held a keel-laying ceremony today in Houma, Louisiana, for Discoverer, a new oceanographic research vessel being built for NOAA. A keel-laying ceremony was held in June 2022 for its sister ship, Oceanographer. Both ships will incorporate the latest technologies, including emissions controls and high-efficiency diesel engines that have potential to save 15,000 gallons per year for each vessel, resulting in an estimated reduction of approximately 5,700 tons of carbon dioxide. The acquisition of these two ships is part of NOAA’s effort to revitalize and modernize its fleet of research and survey ships.

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