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Apr 25, 2023

The NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps will be holding a unique opportunity for licensed pilots to apply for a direct-to-flight career pathway into the NOAA Corps.

Apr 20, 2023

How did you hear about the NOAA Corps?

Mar 17, 2023

As we celebrate Women's History Month, learn about Pamela Chelgren's journey as the first female officer in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps in this profile.

Mar 09, 2023

The NOAA Uncrewed Systems Operations Center has selected nine projects that use private-sector operated uncrewed marine systems in an innovative partnership to collect data for NOAA missions. In total, $7.5 million will be allocated in fiscal year 2023.

Uncrewed systems can serve a unique role as companion to traditional crewed methods and allow NOAA to efficiently gather data that was not always accessible before.

Feb 17, 2023

At NOAA, we are always looking for the safest and most efficient way to collect the data we need. These days, innovative technology plays a big part in that. The NOAA Uncrewed Systems Operations Center was recently established to facilitate the agency’s acquisition and use of uncrewed systems to collect environmental data in the air and in the water.

Feb 13, 2023

NOAA Corps recruiters will be attending the events listed below in 2023. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details as the event approaches.


Feb. 8 - Boise State Career Fair, Boise, ID, 1000-1400

Feb. 14 - Alabama A&M University Virtual Fair, Virtual, 1100-1500

Feb. 14-16 - Oceanology International, San Diego, CA, 1000-1600

Feb 14 - Colorado State University Career Fair, Fort Collins, CO, 1030-1530

Feb 12, 2023

In this NOAA Corps officer profile, we catch up with NOAA Twin Otter pilot Ensign Sarah Cozart, who is currently assigned to the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center in Lakeland, Florida.

How did you become interested in science and aviation?

Jan 11, 2023

The NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations deployed its Gulfstream IV-SP research jet to Hawaii in December to gather data on atmospheric rivers to help forecasters and water managers on the West Coast.

Nov 29, 2022

During the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season, NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft flew more than 582 mission hours to collect atmospheric data that is critical to hurricane forecasting and research, passing through the eye of a hurricane 65 times and deploying over 1,700 scientific instruments.

Nov 23, 2022

After a significant Lake Erie lake effect snow event, a NOAA King Air 350CER flew several surveys on Nov. 22 and 23 near Buffalo in western New York. These missions were tasked to measure snow water equivalent and determine flooding risk in case of a rapid melting event.