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Marine Operations Center - Atlantic (MOC-A)

Aerial view of NOAA Marine Operations Center-Atlantic in Norfolk, Virginia

The NOAA Marine Operations Center - Atlantic (MOC-A) in Norfolk, Virginia, serves as the homeport for NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson and provides logistical, engineering, electronics, maintenance and administrative support to all the ships in NOAA's Atlantic fleet. This includes the following NOAA research and survey ships:

MOC-A is one of three marine operation centers for NOAA’s fleet. The fleet currently includes 15 oceanographic research vessels, fisheries survey vessels, and hydrographic survey vessels. The ships in NOAA’s Atlantic fleet collect data essential to protecting marine mammals, coral reefs and historic shipwrecks, managing commercial fisheries, understanding climate change, and producing nautical charts that help keep mariners safe. NOAA ships also deploy and help maintain buoys that gather oceanographic and weather information and warn of tsunamis.

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Contact information

Marine Operations Center - Atlantic
439 West York St
Norfolk, VA 23510-1114
United States